Gallery – Silver

Bug Pendant
Sterling Silver pendant made from sheet metal in different thicknesses and textures. The pendant bail is hidden at the back behind the wire antenna.

Ratsky Pendant
This was a commission made by the partner of the lovely lady that used to look after our pet rats anytime we had to go away, and it’s based on one of them. I made a model from fimo, and then used cuttlefish casting to make this solid silver pendant. He hangs from a chain by his tail, and it was a very successful commission, two years later she still wears it all the time!

Ivy Brooch
This is a brooch design using sterling silver sheet and wire that could easily be adapted to a pendant. The design idea behind this was that of Ivy growing up a wall, and I wanted an opportunity to practice simple stone setting. The stone in the centre is a small moonstone. The texture was created by fusing the wire curls onto the back piece, the heat from which also helped to curl the edges slightly giving it a more three dimensional feel.

The Ivy Leaf here is made from PMC using a cake design cutter to form the shape. It’s a very simple piece to make and the crystals add some movement to the finished pendant.

The Butterfly design was taken from an Art Nouveau source book. I played around with heating and fusing the different components to achieve a more textured effect.

Textured silver band rings. The texture is created by using a small sanding drill bit and working over the ring until the desired effect is achieved.

This was my first ever commission, taken while I was still studying. The design brief was for a necklace with a ‘Yin Yang’ feel. Rather than just designing it around the eastern symbol I explored other ideas of duality and the client opted for the Sun and Moon idea. The Sun is made from hammered brass sheet, and the Moon is silver sheet soldered on. The detailing is done with silver wire, and because of the difference in melting temperatures between brass and silver the wire melted into the brass at the bottom creating the blended effect, which I was really pleased with.

This is a smaller version of the Butterfly Brooch further up the gallery. The client really liked the design, but wanted something smaller and produced to a cheaper budget than that piece, so I adapted the design for her and this was the result.

The pink circle is a casino chip which had a special significance to the client’s wife. I was asked to turn it into a necklace. I simply set the chip in silver bezel wire and attached a bail, and the result was pleasingly simple and elegant.

Engagement Ring
This is made from cut silver sheet shaped into a ring with a moonstone set into the top.

This is a brooch model of the customer’s dog, made in silver PMC.


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