Gallery – Chainmaille

The Byzantine (or ‘King’s Chain’) chainmaille pattern is one that I was taught how to produce in college. I enjoy making up the chains, it can be remarkably therapeutic, and experimenting with different colours, materials, and sizes and types of crystals can produce a very different feel to each finished piece.

The European 4 in 1 pattern has a greater amount of movement and fluidity, it can be used to make up pieces with a greater width and is also a lot lighter to wear.

I cut all of the jump rings used myself from silver and copper wire (I’m very much looking forward to having an opportunity to put one together in gold in the future) and I make the chains up using pliers.

A selection of byzantine chain bracelets in different colours.

European 4-1 bracelet in Sterling Silver with toggle clasp.

Sterling Silver bracelet with bright blue Czech fire polished crystals. Bracelet is approximately 20cm long with a bolt ring clasp.

Sterling Silver necklace with rose Swarovski crystals and a hand formed clasp. Necklace is 18″ long.

Sterling Silver bracelet with emerald Swarovski crystals and hand formed clasp. Bracelet is approximately 20cm long.

Simple silver earrings with rose Swarovski crystals.

Simple silver earrings with clear and violet opal Swarovski crystals. I love this colour of crystal, it catches the light in a very subtle and very pretty way and I am working on a matching necklace.

Bracelet made from enamelled coloured copper wire, with a silver bolt ring clasp. I can make these up in a large variety of colours.

18″ Sterling Silver Byzantine Necklace with hand made clasp and Garnet Swarovski crystals.

Sterling Silver bracelet with large multi toned Czech fire polished crystals. Bracelet is approximately 20cm long with a bolt ring clasp.


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