About Becky

photograph copyright Simon J Pope

London born and based jewellery designer Becky Probert has a BA (Hons) in Design: Illustration and studied Silver and Metalwork at Thames Valley University.

I’ve always had a fascination with jewellery – for both the aesthetic qualities and also for the fact that it can represent so many different things.
I work primarily with silver – sheet, castings and wire – as well as coloured copper wire. My silver work is inspired mainly by the natural world, in particular the forms and textures of trees and plants.
I love the fluidity of chainmaille. I also enjoy exploring different colour combinations when making up the chainmaille pieces and I wind and cut all of the individual rings used myself.
The Hats, Tiaras, Chokers and other accessories are crocheted from coloured copper wire using traditional stitches. While I will replicate most of my copper designs for as long as the demand is there, all of the Hats are individual in some way, whether it’s the design, colours or decorations, I promise never to make two the same, so if you buy a hat from me, it will be completely unique to you!

For more information and to buy products please visit my website: www.silvernightshade.co.uk


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