2013 – Looking Forward

January has brought the difficult decision to stop trading at Greenwich Market. 2012 was an interesting year for Greenwich, with the Jubilee, the Olympics and the ‘economic climate’, and as much as I enjoyed being there throughout all of this, business has been very slow, and the finances involved in trading simply don’t add up for me any longer. I’m lucky in that I haven’t lost any money trading for the last year, however I simply have not made enough to justify the long cold hours and the sheer frustration at the lack of footfall during the winter months. Greenwich is a lot like a seaside town, it relies on the tourist trade during the summer to keep it afloat, and while the Olympics may have been amazing for sport and British international relations, they were a death blow to the normal tourist trade and retail, and as I understand it, not just in Greenwich. I was hoping that the Christmas trade would earn me enough money to get through the slow winter season in the lead up to this summer, however Christmas was horrendously slow as well, with people obviously tightening their belts (understandably as we are in the same boat) and I just didn’t make enough money to continue. It’s been a tough decision to make, as I have had a great time working there and made some wonderful friends over the last year, and I will miss them.
So, new year, fresh start. January I have taken some time off and spent quality time with my husband (who I barely saw the last three months of 2012 as our work was incredibly busy) and given my home some much needed TLC (you know all those niggly jobs that pile up when you’re not looking?) My husband goes back to work full time tomorrow so now I’m looking at the market stock I have left, the design ideas I’ve been meaning to work on for months, and the ‘to do’ list that has just been getting longer and longer! I’m honestly unsure what the next step is, but now I’m feeling refreshed and ready to tackle it, so we shall see what February brings.


~ by Silver Nightshade Jewellery on 31/01/2013.

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