Pillbox Hat

I’ve been working on some new hat ideas for a while now, and finally completed one based on a 1940’s style pillbox hat. This took some tweaking to adapt to wire and a miniature style, and to work out how to decorate it so that it doesn’t overwhelm the base. It’s made from crocheted enamelled copper wire, the same as the miniature top hats, and measures just over three inches in diameter. This version is beaded throughout with rocailles, and decorated with feathers, diamante and organza ribbon. It’s held on with an alice band the same as the top hats, although it’s considerably lighter to wear. I’m very pleased with the peak at the front, as it took several attempts to get that right!
I decided originally to make all the Top Hat models slightly different in some way so that anyone who bought one had a unique piece, and I’m currently trying to decide whether or not to apply the same principle to these. I’m inclined not to, as being able to replicate them will make the final product slightly cheaper and therefore more accessible to people wanting to buy one, however I’m open to feedback on that idea. I’m still finalising the price of these, but they will definitely be cheaper than the Top Hats. I have another base to decorate in ivory, and then I shall get these up for sale in the shop. If you’re interested in buying one in the meantime then please get in touch directly.


~ by Silver Nightshade Jewellery on 10/04/2012.

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