International Jewellery London

I spent this Sunday up at Earl’s Court 2 for International Jewellery London – the UK’s biggest annual jewellery Trade Fair. I found out about this a few years back while I was still studying and went along to my first show as a student, and since then I’ve enjoyed spending a day up there every year. As well as an overwhelming amount of different jewellery and designers on show, they also put together a large number of seminars on all aspects of the industry and this year I decided to go along to one. The seminar was about E-commerce and how to convert website visitors into shoppers, and it was both incredibly interesting and very useful, with a lot of important tips that I shall be looking into applying on my website in the near future.
The rest of the day was spent wandering around the multitude of stands, with a huge array of different companies, individual designers and supplies for making and display. One of the more interesting stands in the show was the British Jewellers Association ‘Kickstart’ Stand, which showcased ten up and coming designers. The designs here were beautiful, interesting and inspiring, and I had a brief yet lovely conversation with Claire English who was very positive about the possibilities of selling in the larger department stores if you are persistent enough!
I also met some very nice people at the Benchpeg stand who gave me some solid advice on shop hosting sites and ways to make my webshop more streamlined which I will also be looking into, and they publish several very useful looking books with business advice for artists and designers, which I suspect will be making it onto my Amazon wishlist.
It was a brilliant day, and I left feeling incredibly inspired and positive, with a lot of information and tips to take me forward, as well as a large bag of free magazines and catalogues which are keeping me busy flicking through!


~ by Silver Nightshade Jewellery on 07/09/2011.

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