Vintage Fair

A week ago my partner and I went to the Vintage Fair on the Southbank. We found out about it just beforehand and unfortunately couldn’t afford the ticket prices to the main part of the festival in the Royal Festival Hall, so we spent our time in the Vintage Market and wandering around the free events along the Southbank instead. The atmosphere was wonderful, the number and variety of stalls brilliant. In amongst the rails and rails of clothes from all periods there were tea cups, hats, jewellery, furniture and all sorts of bric a brac from the last century, as well as new goods inspired by vintage themes. We had a great day and walked away with a great deal of inspiration both from the stalls and products as well as the fantastically dressed people both shopping and selling.

One of the many clothes stalls

I fell in love with these – if only we had the money!

Folk from ‘The Chap’ magazine in Jubilee Gardens, taking part in various events from the Chap Olympiad.

Even the regular Food Market had joined in on the action – and anywhere selling fish finger sandwiches should be applauded.

One of things that inspired me while wandering around was the way that some of the jewellery was actually displayed on the stalls. A lot of them were using items like tea cups and cake stands to show off their products very well, so when I came across this little gem in a charity shop this week, it seemed rude not to snap it up…

~ by Silver Nightshade Jewellery on 08/08/2011.

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