Vasilisa Choker

This is a new choker design – and probably one of my favourite crochet designs so far. I was trying to recreate the feeling of lace, as creating cheap lace fabrics was one of the primary purposes of crochet as a craft in days gone by. I was also trying for a romantic, old fashioned feel, and I’m really pleased with the finished design as I believe the resulting piece captures that perfectly.
The picture above is done in Empress (purple and silver wire) with clear AB and three tone amethyst Czech fire polished crystals (I adore the way these change colour depending on what angle they catch the light, which is probably why I have used them so much!) and a larger crystal drop detail.

This is the same basic design, done in Ivory with white opal Czech crystals, and without the drop detail. The choker in this colour scheme is one of the pieces that I am putting together for my Bridal Collection.
I have a few other variations on this design that I am working on that I will update on as they are completed.
The Empress version is available in the webshop now for £42 (including UK postage) and the Ivory one will be added shortly.

The chokers are modelled by the lovely Exhayle, who spent a brilliant afternoon with me modelling a large number of pieces, so you can expect to see her in a few more photographs in future entries. I am very grateful to her for her patience as this was my first photo session with an actual model! If you want to see some of her more professional work, you can find her Facebook page here.


~ by Silver Nightshade Jewellery on 27/07/2011.

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