Latest Commission

I’ve been a bit quiet on here of late because I’ve actually been working pretty hard for a change!

Back in January I sold my first gift vouchers, which I was pretty pleased about. When the lady who received them got in contact with me a couple of months ago about the commission she wanted, I confess I was more than a little bit daunted by the prospect. She had gone through my design archives, seen the wolf pendant that I had made a couple of years ago, and asked me if I could immortalise her dog Sam (who was sadly no longer with her) as a silver brooch.
I’ve never actually had to make anything that needed to be that closely based on a real life subject. The wolf pendant in question was an amalgam of several different pictures with a healthy dose of artistic license thrown in for good measure, and it was very clear that approach was not going to cut it in this case.
We negotiated the details, she sent me through a selection of photographs, and then I got out the Fimo and started work. It took quite some time to get the model close to the photographs, I showed it to the customer, who asked me to tweak various parts so it was closer to her memory of Sam, and when she was happy with it, I started on the PMC version. This was also quite tricky, as I knew from previous experience that simply translating from the Fimo model to the silver clay can change the entire appearance of the piece … and accuracy was important in this case.
After a fair amount of tweaking and work, I eventually got the finished piece sent off to her, and this is from the email she sent me when she received it:

Package arrived safe and sound earlier today. I was out at the time Nasty postman :-(, but there was someone here to receive it. Couldn’t wait to open it as soon as I got in 🙂
Brooch looks BRILLIANT !!!, shown it to one of the kids, and she instantly asked if it was Sam 🙂
Thank you so much Becky, it is beautiful, and definately worth the excited wait 🙂
I’m grinning like a cheshire cat.
Thank you so much, once again.

I confess to a huge level of relief! It was definitely worth the work and stress involved, and I’m over the moon that she was happy with it.

Whether or not I would ever want to take on another ‘real life’ commission like this I’m genuinely not sure about. On the one hand, having a very happy customer is absolutely worth it. On the other hand, as a designer, I do prefer having the option of using some ‘artistic license’ and being able to interpret a concept without the fear of losing an important detail. I suspect that it is something that I will consider more fully should anyone ever contact me about a similar job in the future.

This is the finished brooch:


~ by Silver Nightshade Jewellery on 14/06/2011.

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