Wedding Jewellery

I’m now a happily married woman, and my wedding was absolutely wonderful.
Now I’m not the kind of girl to go for a traditional White Wedding, and we didn’t have a lot of cash, so I spent a great deal of the last few months making as much as possible for the big day, including, strangely enough, my jewellery!

So this is me, on the day, feeling very nervous …
I did toy with all sorts of elaborate ideas regarding the jewellery, and despite avoiding the big white dress, there is actually a scary amount of pressure to look better than you’ve ever looked in your life, so it was really important that it looked fantastic. However, after stressing about it for months, it occurred to me that actually, I’m a relatively simple person, and I value elegance. I had decided that I wanted to do the victory roll hairstyle fairly early on, which involved many You Tube tutorials and hours and hours of practicing, aching arms and industrial strength hairspray (women in the 1940’s didn’t have hair that they could sit on as a general rule, however I was very determined!) Having made that decision, it followed that the jewellery should suit the hairstyle as well as the dress, and as I love Art Deco and all things 1930’s, I spent a lot of time researching vintage and modern recreations from that period.

I found a modern necklace design inspired by Art Deco online with the tassel idea, and really liked it. This is my simplified version. I picked Dark Sapphires for the stone, as I adore sapphires, and not only were these cheaper than the normal bright blue, they also came in larger sizes and caught the light in a wonderful way that added far more depth to the stone. I cheated a little and bought premade snap settings rather than making the settings from scratch myself, and then attached the chain tassels. Very simple, very easy to make, and sat perfectly when I tried it on.

The matching earrings were made in exactly the same way, except with two sapphires at the top and slightly longer chain tassels. Again I cheated with the setting, although originally the setting had a stud earwire. Trouble was that the weight of the chain pulled too hard, and actually bent the post, so I decided to cut it off and attach a much stronger ear hook instead, and I actually prefer the way that the earring sits and subsequently moves this way.

The last thing I had to decide upon was how to adorn my hair. There was never any danger of a veil, but that was alright as I like my tiaras and I like my hats, and tried on both. Unfortunately there was no danger of one of my hats fitting securely over the rolls (which I was disappointed about), and when I tried the tiara it just didn’t quite look right.
I found this image online while researching the hair style, and really liked the idea of just adding some sparkle like this:

Rather than diamante, I opted for Swarovski, and found these lovely tanzanite drops. Combined with some clear crystals and attached to a kirbi grip which was just slipped into the bottom of the roll and left to dangle.

They were so simple, and so effective, that I think I will be making up a few more of these for sale, as I can do them for just a couple of pounds and I believe they would be popular.
I was very pleased with the completed set and love all of the individual pieces and have every intention of wearing them many times in the future.

Of course there was one other important piece of jewellery that had to be made for the big day, namely the wedding rings …

My last post covered making my ring from palladium, my partner’s was made in the same way. I went for a narrow 3mm band with a slight patterning, he opted for a 6mm band with a satin finish. We’re both very pleased with the finished result, and they are very comfortable to wear.

And just because I couldn’t wear a hat, didn’t mean that one of my hats didn’t make it to my wedding – this is the one I made for my bridesmaid!

I think it’s safe to say that this is one of the best I’ve made so far, and she absolutely loves it.

All photographs (except for the hat) are copyright Simon J Pope –
He was our Official Wedding Photographer and I cannot recommend him highly enough, he did a fantastic job and we feel very lucky to have had him recording our day for us.


~ by Silver Nightshade Jewellery on 04/11/2010.

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