Byzantine Chain

This chainmaille weave was something that I was taught at college and I really love making up the chains – they are very simple and I find the process theraputic. I also enjoy playing with different colours of wire to make up the jump rings, and over the last 18 months I’ve sold more Byzantine chain bracelets in a variety of different colours than any other item I’ve made. I use 0.9mm wire in silver and a range of enamelled copper colours, which I then wind using a handdrill and cut into individual rings using a piercing saw. I try and keep a supply of rings in a range of colours cut at all times so if I have a few minutes to spare I can fill it by working on these.

It’s interesting to see how different types of crystal or bead interspersed into the chain change the way that the overall piece looks. You can see an example of the larger czech fire crystals earlier in this blog, and they are very pretty, however using smaller swarovski crystals makes for a much more elegant chain.

I’ve made up a matching bracelet for this along with some earrings and the set just needs hallmarking before it’s ready for sale. I’ve also ordered some emerald and rose swarovski crystals to play around with different colours and spacing for this design (and I’m itching for the postman to arrive – they were posted two days ago!).

In the meantime while I’m waiting I shall happily continue making coloured copper byzantine chains – here are some of my current stock for sale …

~ by Silver Nightshade Jewellery on 26/05/2010.

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