Miniature Top Hats

One of my newest design ideas, and one that I’m very proud of. These hats are made entirely from crocheted wire and the brim is 5″ in diameter. Miniature hats have been very popular in recent years and I always wanted one, but I’ve found that they are either really expensive or not very well made, so I decided to try and come up with one myself.

The only downside of these is that they are comparatively heavy (40g) and so have to be held on by an Alice Band, as a comb doesn’t secure them properly into the hair, and I find Alice Bands become uncomfortable after a while. I’ve yet to try holding them with ribbon or elastic, however I suspect that will involve a lot of kirbi grips and will only work if the hair is pinned up to start with.

I’m going to wear the purple one to the Bring and Buy Sale on Sunday and see if I get some positive feedback – if these turn out to be a saleable item then I have several good ideas for other variations – including a veiled version that could be done in white or silver as part of the Wedding Collection I am currently designing.


~ by Silver Nightshade Jewellery on 04/03/2010.

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